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MUm + Bub Smartband - Track your baby's progress - Project Nursery

4 Ways the Mum + Bub SmartBand helped me to feel in control of my wellbeing!

I am a pretty healthy person. But lately, it seems like there are more and more items to tick off on the ‘Healthy To-Do’ List. And it can feel overwhelming! Not to mention that we are all trying to balance our self care with taking care of our children. Currently on my ‘healthy’ to-do list...
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MUm + Bub Smartband - Track your baby's progress - Project Nursery

Mum + Bub Smartband

Introducing the First-Ever Wearable SmartBand Designed Exclusively for Parents by Yours Truly As new parents we spend our days juggling bottles, breast pump parts, creams and bouncers; researching everything from swaddle techniques to nappy brands; all while processing the advice of doctors, lactation consultants, friends and family members. We’re pretty much just desperately trying to adjust to this beautiful...
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Pregnancy Prenatal Exercises - Project Nursery

Knocked-Up Fitness: Prenatal Workouts with Erica Ziel

You know Project Nursery for featuring the latest in nursery design and gear, however we’d be remiss without mentioning the most important aspect of a fabulous nursery—a mum and baby who feel incredible. We had the opportunity to chat with Erica Ziel, creator and host of Knocked-Up Fitness, a Pilates-inspired prenatal workout system. Erica is...
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Pregnancy Exercises - Project Nursery

5 Tips + 4 Exercises for Busy Mums and Mamas-To-Be

Fitness expert Erica Ziel is back to share more of her awesome tips to help you stay in shape whether you’re pregnant or you already have a baby on your hip. She’s a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, nutritionist and core specialist in addition to being the founder of Knocked-Up Fitness®, the ultimate resource for both pre- and...
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Zucchini Muffins Recipe - Mum Recipes - Project Nursery

Chocolate Zucchini Muffin Recipe

Shhh! Don’t Tell the Kids these Muffins are Actually Healthy! This chocolate zucchini muffin recipe is loaded with veggies, but your little ones will never know. Plus, they’re oil free and egg free! This recipe is suitable for babies 12 months and up, toddlers, big kids and adults. Always make sure finger food pieces are...
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Getting your pre-baby body back - Project Nursery

Getting My Body Back After Baby

There’s a lot of less than ideal things that come with a December baby — cold temperatures that keep you cooped up inside and overlapping birthday and Christmas presents to name a few. One thing that a December delivery isn’t lacking? Fitspiration! Yep, you’ll be slapped in the face by the New Year with workout resolutions galore....
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