Project Nursery Icons - Baby and Nursery Products


Keep on top of how often and how much your little one is getting fed.

Project Nursery Icons - Baby and Nursery Products


Track how long and how frequently your baby is sleeping.

Project Nursery Icons - Baby and Nursery Products


Keeping track of appointments for yourself and your new baby is crucial – the MUM + BUB SmartBand sends timely reminders.

Project Nursery Icons - Baby and Nursery Products


Staying hydrated is crucial – especially when you are breastfeeding – so log all your water intake on your wrist.

Project Nursery Icons - Baby and Nursery Products


Keep active before and after bub has arrived on the scene and track your steps.

Project Nursery Icons - Baby and Nursery Products


Record how often and when you pump milk easily with your MUM + BUB SmartBand.

The Brand New
Smartband .

Everything you need, right on your wrist. From pregnancy onward, track fetal movements, doctor’s appointments and more. Once baby arrives, it becomes the nanny you’ve always hoped for with feeding time reminders and weight monitoring, all while simultaneously tracking mom’s health and wellness. It’s a great way to make sure mum and baby are healthy and happy.

Project Nursery Icons - Baby and Nursery Products

Who Is Project Nursery?

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After the birth of their first children, US-based interior design enthusiasts Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio set out to help parents find the vision, tools, and products for all their baby nursery and kid-friendly decorating projects. Since then, Project Nursery has grown to attract a highly connected, design-conscious community.

Project Nursery Founders

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Product Reviews .

  • “My favorites are the alerts for text messages and other apps, the silent reminders, and the logs for things like diaper changes and feedings (because let’s be honest, when you’re sleep-deprived, it’s hard to always remember exactly how long it has been since the last feeding, pumping, or diaper change). Any mom who is considering getting some kind of fitness tracker needs to check out Project Nursery!”

    Mum + Bub Smartband
  • “I love this monitor. It was so easy to set up. My favorite part is the clarity of the screen. I have never been able to see my baby so clearly with any other monitor. I find myself staring at times just to see my sweet daughter sleeping.”

    Blanca T
    4.3" Baby Monitor